about me

I understand my photography as a way of making moments improved. Sometimes walking around with my camera keeps me away from boredom, other times taking a picture just allows me to live again some past feelings or it just helps to compensate the weakness of my memory. But the common thing of every picture I take is the fact of trying to take that picture, to get that picture, to make a moment or a sight mine because of the 'beauty' of a place, a subject or a moment.

I believe in the strength of translating what we see, an abstract reality, into a focused rectangular perception. Composing a non-posed image using the elements given in one moment and in one place is an artistic excercise that mixes improvisation, technique and sometimes luck. Altogether come to result into static images that can make us feel what sometimes our eyes doesn't want to give us.

In this site I want to share a collection of some works that represent what once my eyes perceived as something interesting and my mind tried to keep by pressing the button of a camera. I will try to keep this site updated with new pictures... At least to have a place to visit when my lazy memory doesn't work as it should.